Shakil Latif

         Born in the Sixties I have  been  watching  my   father  taking  Black & White pictures  with his camera  which  he  bought from The U.S.A .  He  was  a  very  passionate  photographer  who  used  to  capture precious moments of  our family life .

                  During  the  Eightys  inspired by my father with his  guidance, practical hands on  knowledge  regarding  photography &  started doing  my first photography  with my  fathers camera .        During  the  Nintes  I came to  USA  &  bought my first digital  camera  & started taking  pictures .

             For the last twenty two    years  I am working  with the  food industries & on my time  off I do love to do photography  I love colours & beauty which is  in my eye & in my soul . So far I  have done   photography in  U.S.A , Canada ,  Dubai  & some  of the South  Asian  countries .

                 I beleive that all of us  have our  own beauty & style . I  try my best to work  with my  clients within their budget & I love to see  them smile .

                       I love to travel &    hopefully   someday I would  have the    opportunity to visit  new places   meet new people  & see the  beauty that God  has  created &  capture the beauty in  my  camera .